Welcome to Shri Patcheappane School For The Hearing Impaired

Shri Patcheappane School For The Hearing Impaired is dedicated to meet the educational and developmental needs of children with hearing impairment. The School was founded in 1994 by Ms.Sarasvady Sunder, M.Ed, M.Ed (HI) to provide a learning environment that maximizes the use of each child's residual hearing and  promote the development of spoken communication. This, we believe is possible through an exciting, interactive and cognitive curriculum. Since more than 80% of our students are from socially, educationally and economically marginalized families, the School has taken upon itself the responsibility of providing them with everything that they may require to complete their education from Pre-School to Standard X. In fact, the School also feels responsible to provide vocational training to endow them with a skill that could sustain them financially.
The School believes in aural-oral philosophy and employs the local language Tamil as the medium of instruction. It is a Day School and caters to the needs of students from the age of 2.5 years. It has three Pre-Primary stages and classes from Standard I to X. A child-centred curriculum, prepared by the School, is followed in the Pre-Primary stages to enrich students with a good foundation in language, an essential prerequisite to enter Standard I. The regular School curriculum of Tamil Nadu State Board (Samacheer Kalvi) is being followed from Standard I onwards.